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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying a Printer

September 24, 2020

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying a Printer Printers are well-loved machines. Inkjet and Laser printers are its two most popular variants. You’ll often find big laser printers at work and compact Inkjets at home. However, it is wiser to understand their differences before you put your money on either. Let’s dive into the Read More

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Top 5 Benefits of Document Scanning

September 10, 2020

Top 5 Benefits of Document Scanning A scanned document is an image file. It is a digital photo of a text record that contains all its details. Even a large number of files can be condensed into a few megabytes of space. However, this is not achieved by a simple act of scanning a page. Read More

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Covid-19 Office Supplies To Get Back To Business

August 20, 2020

Technology Designed For Health And Safety During Covid-19 Times The pandemic has brought health and safety to the forefront of every company’s mind. Minimizing potential points of infection and safely ensuring the health of every team member in a cost- and time-effective manner is essential. Enter technology specifically designed to protect your team. Two new Read More

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20 Essential Office Supplies for Your Small Business in 2020

August 11, 2020

20 Essential Office Supplies for Your Small Business in 2020 No office is complete without office supplies. This is true for both promising small businesses and cozy home offices. Some basic supplies like paper, pens and scissors along with equipment like computers and coffee machines are commonly found in most offices. To get your daily Read More

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Pros and Cons of Leasing a Printer

July 13, 2020

Pros and Cons of Leasing a Printer One of the common questions businesses of all kinds face is whether to buy the office printer or lease it. It may seem like a simple decision to take, but your business productivity and work environment, among others, can get impacted because of this. Although there are many Read More

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Copier Lease vs Buy: Pros & Cons

June 26, 2020

Copier Lease VS Buy: Pros & Cons All businesses want to make profits, while saving money wherever they can. But you cannot skimp out the quality of the essential office equipment you use. Getting subpar tools means your work may not be as streamlined as it should, and you may lose out on profits. For Read More

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All-in-One Printer (MFP) Pros and Cons

May 12, 2020

All-in-One Printer (MFP) Pros and Cons Saving money while making profits is a considerable perk for businesses of any size, especially when you can buy office devices that can be used for multiple tasks. So, you might be thinking of buying a multi-function printer (MFP) instead of a standalone one. These multi-function printers can handle Read More

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Small Business Copiers: A Buyer’s Guide

April 15, 2020

Small Business Copier: A Buyer’s Guide A small copy machine is the demigod of your small office. It copies documents with a passion and flips them out onto your desk. Not only that, it cuts down on downtime and helps speed up the workplace. A standalone copier can take the sting out of printing bills Read More


COVID-19 UBEO Customer Communication

March 27, 2020

COVID-19 is causing disruption in the daily life of many of the citizens in the communities UBEO serves. The highest priority for UBEO is the health and safety of our team members and customers. UBEO will continue to follow the recommendations of government health officials. Based on these recommendations, UBEO is continuing to provide the full Read More

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5 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Copier

February 26, 2020

5 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Copier A copier leasing program allows you to have the machine for a while as you make payments towards its eventual purchase or trade-in. This is similar to a car lease, and here, copier leasing companies or financial institutions hold you to the payments on your copier equipment. Read More