Core Business Solutions offers a variety of security & surveillance products and services to help protect your business.

HD and IP Cameras

Ensure safety and security in the workplace while protecting your most valuable assets with HD and IP surveillance cameras.

Choose from a selection of HD and IP cameras designed for security surveillance in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. From our industry-leading fixed and high-speed IP cameras to panoramic and thermal imaging, we offer a camera for any environment, lighting condition, and application.

Several security and surveillance cameras

Women hands holding iPad displaying closed circuit camera system

Mobile Access Control SOLUTIONS

Providing effective security measures in the workplace is more important than ever before. With mobile access technology, total building management is both powerful and affordable.

Our mobile access control system combines access control with video surveillance for a complete integrated security system. With these systems you can use mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or wearables, to gain access to secured doors, gates, networks, services and more.

Security and surveillance system

BEST IN CLASS Installation and Support

When you work with Core Business Solutions, you get an experienced team that specializes in providing excellent customer service.

Our experienced technology personnel can design, install, and maintain your simple to complex security systems. Whether you need a basic control room setup or multiple monitors displaying the views from different cameras, we can deliver and install the right size solution for your business.

Magnetic door access system


Ensure your office is secure and only the people who should get in can get in.

A truly secure magnetic door entry system. We provide Magnetic Cards that are unique to each employee and can double as time cards, provide limited access such as only during business hours or on specific days, notify the owner when an employee enters and can be disabled with the click of a mouse.

Health screening


Contactless health screening. Monitor your team’s health with contactless thermal scanning.

 This device instantly, accurately, and discretely screens the temperature of your team members. With customizable temperature thresholds, optional facial recognition capabilities, and instant ID badge printing, this scanner delivers the full automated screening support your business needs while saving you time and money. The software retains up to 30,000 records providing a detailed history.

Hand holding smart phone displaying with cyber security shield

Cyber Security

Core offers cybersecurity solutions and services that protect your business from online threats.

We provide customized services that help you effectively identify areas of potential risk. We’ve structured our program to stay ahead of the latest cyber threats and thwart multi-faceted attacks. Our complete security solutions will protect your most critical information assets and ensure that your customers feel safe doing business with you.

HIPPA Compliance logo

HIPPA Compliance

Overcome your HIPAA compliance challenges with the assistance of Core.

We provide a hassle-free solution to HIPAA security that is based on industry standards and best practices. Our team uses customized methods to help you find the optimal way to achieve compliance without interrupting your current business processes. Start down the path to becoming HIPAA compliant right now with Core beside you at for each step along the way.

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