Equipment solutions

Maximize performance with office equipment that fits your business.


We offer a powerful lineup of digital monochrome and color printers from leading manufacturers. Whether you need to print a simple business document, produce high-quality marketing collateral, or generate an engineering drawing, we have the right printer for the job.


A multifunction device incorporates several common functions into one machine, including scanning, copying, printing, faxing, and emailing. We provide monochrome and color devices ranging from desktop to high speed models from the industry leading brands.


Our production printers are fast, reliable digital presses for transaction printing and publishing environments. Effective communication pieces will help you increase productivity and improve customer experiences. Core offers you a wide array of options to suit your needs.


Specialty print encompasses devices capable of many specialized functions. Core is experienced in and authorized to provide and service label printers from Zebra, plus wide format, inkjet, envelope, and canvas printers and scanners from Epson, Savin, Kip, and more.


Core has partnered with Dell, SonicWall, Meraki, Buffalo, and other IT network equipment manufacturers to bring you the best IT gear available. We provide IT equipment at competitive prices, including servers, PCs, laptops, routers, switches, battery backups, and more.


For many organizations, one of the most important pieces of office equipment is still the telephone. Telephones come with fantastic new capabilities and in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Let us help you choose the right phone system for your requirements.


With Sharp and Epson on our side, we offer a comprehensive array of audio and visual equipment, including, the popular Sharp Aquos Board, the cost effective Epson Brightlink, and many more. These commercial grade products will provide lasting impressions.


Our full line of mailroom equipment makes your business activities more efficient. We have a full line of automated inserting machines, letter openers, pressure sealers and more. One of our experts can help you identify what equipment your operation needs.


Core offers a variety of document finishing products such as brochure and booklet makers, folders, business and postcard cutters, creasers, and document signers to increase efficiency. We even carry a full line of commercial staplers, cutters, and scissors.


Remove any doubts about where your confidential information will end up and choose a commercial grade shredder from Core. Our NSA certified shredders offer filters to keep paper dust out of the air, and are built to last with stainless steel teeth and powerful motors.

Services Solutions

Your path to enhanced profitability through efficiency and automation.


We can identify the right document solution for you with a team that will install the software, provide training and support, and guide you through the implementation. We offer high-speed scanning equipment for purchase or rental, plus outsourced scanning options.


This service can help you save money by streamlining printer management to reduce the costs associated with printing. For an all inclusive price, we will supply you with the latest printing technology and performance optimization delivered by experienced printing professionals.

The Total Cost of Ownership:

• The cost of the equipment
• The cost of the cartridge (including identifying the part number, ordering,
(picking up or receiving), storing, processing the invoice, and recycling. Multiple
printer models mean this process is repeated for each model.
• The cost of IT Support – loading and updating multiple drivers, fixing print
issues (15% of an IT technician’s time).
• Locating a repair facility for broken or malfunctioning equipment, or purchasing
a new printer unnecessarily.
• The productivity impact of not having toner available or not being able to print.
• Asset tracking – do you even know what printers your company owns?

An MPS implementation provides an average savings of 23% through centralized management outsourced to Core Business Solutions.

In addition, we provide customized management reports tracking the location of the printer, the total and monthly volume on each machine, which employees/departments produce the most prints, and the monthly cost of those prints. Our print fleet management software provides regular equipment status updates so often we proactively address an equipment problem before it results in downtime.

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