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Covid-19 Office Supplies To Get Back To Business

August 20, 2020

Technology Designed For Health And Safety During Covid-19 Times

The pandemic has brought health and safety to the forefront of every company’s mind. Minimizing potential points of infection and safely ensuring the health of every team member in a cost- and time-effective manner is essential.

Enter technology specifically designed to protect your team. Two new products are making it easier than ever to reduce potential infection and screen team members in an easy, cost-effective, and labor-reducing manner.

UBEO Anti-Microbial Film

Multi functional printer with antimicrobial film

Endless sanitizing of office equipment is difficult in a busy office environment. Enjoy less cleaning and more protection with UBEO’s PureZone anti-microbial film. This film combats the biofilm of potentially harmful microorganisms on the surface of your office equipment by using ionized silver particles to destroy these microorganisms.

This powerful, self-sanitizing surface kills up to 90 percent of microbes within 10 minutes and up to 99 percent of microbes within an hour. The film itself lasts for up to 5 years. Apply it to your copiers and printers to protect your team while reducing the need for constant sanitizing. This ecological solution to endless cleaning not only destroys harmful bacteria but also prevents the re-formation of the biofilm.

Here at Core Business Solutions, we are offering this revolutionary new film as a safety feature on all of our office devices so you and your team can enjoy better protection and greater peace of mind.

UBEO Thermal Scanners

Daily health screenings are a necessity in the face of COVID-19, but they can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and intrusive for your team members and visitors. Reduce the hassle without compromising on safety with UBEO thermal scanners.

These automated, no-contact health screening devices quickly and discreetly record team members’ temperatures, at a distance. With customizable temperature thresholds, optional facial recognition capabilities, and instant ID badge printing, this scanner delivers the fully automated screening support your business needs while saving you time and money.

UBEO’s thermal scanners read temperatures in less than 1 second, while eliminating time-consuming clean-up in between uses. Thanks to its instant capabilities, it has the ability to eliminate reception backups and quickly get team members and visitors on their way, all without requiring additional employee monitoring or intrusive screening stations.

This software retains up to 30,000 records, providing a detailed and accurate history. With fast, discreet, health screening; detailed records, and customizable features, these thermal scanners offer a technological path to fast and easy screenings.

Here at Core, we understand that for our customers, technology drives efficiency, which drives productivity. Our products include the latest in technology designed for health and safety so you can efficiently protect your teams and clients while ensuring maximum productivity and success.

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