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5 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Copier

February 26, 2020

5 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Copier

A copier leasing program allows you to have the machine for a while as you make payments towards its eventual purchase or trade-in. This is similar to a car lease, and here, copier leasing companies or financial institutions hold you to the payments on your copier equipment.

But for many business owners, the eternal debate seems to be which is more profitable: whether to buy the copier equipment or to lease it?

We answer this and other questions in this segment, about an office copier lease. So, read on below for the 5 questions to ask before you lease a copier.

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1. Buying Vs. Leasing a Copier: Which Is Better for My Company?

Copier lease is viable for some businesses that need to get basic work done. Even for major businesses that need highly-specialized copiers, leasing and upgrading at the end of the contract period can help them avoid obsolescence.

There is no hassle of disposing or reselling once the contract is up. Photocopier lease also carries low upfront costs, but you will be locked-in to the contract.

For an established company that can pay monthly charge throughout the contract duration, copy machines leasing/leases make sense.

On the other hand, for a startup or a small business that makes less than 700 copies monthly, consider buying a used machine that can also print, scan, and fax.

2. What Are the Types of Copier Leasing and How Is It Different from Renting?

Copy machines leasing/leases are of two primary types:

Operating Leases

Also known as fair market value leases, operating leases offer lower monthly payments. When you get a copier lease, it is basically a copy machine rental.

It will not be added to your balance sheet, and you can buy the copier when the lease ends. But the buyout cost depends on the agreement terms, new technology, depreciation, and market demand.

Capital Leases

Also known as $1 buyout leases, these types of leases are less common. If your copier lease is a capital type, then it is similar to taking a loan.

The principal you pay goes towards the cost of the copier, and the copier lease is added to your balance sheet. The monthly payment is higher because 100% of the copier’s cost is being financed.

You have the option of buying out, and the cost is first stipulated in the contract when you sign it.

Renting is more expensive than a photocopier lease. But you have an advantage with renting, as you don’t have to lock-in your contract as with an office copier lease. It is more suitable for short-term projects.

3. What Is the Cost of Leasing a Copier?

Office copier lease rates differ from each company; they could range from $100 to $250 a month for a multifunction copier machine. Copier companies make their pricing available for you to compare copier lease rates. So, choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Tip: Multiply the monthly rate by the number of months of your contract. Calculating the full cost of office copier lease rates gives you an idea of whether it is better to purchase a copier upfront or lease, and then buyout.

4. What Type of Copier Should I Lease?


Buying inkjet ink copiers makes less sense when compared to laser copiers, as you need to replace the paper and ink more frequently. Also, they are a bit slower than digital copiers. However, the initial cost is much lower than the other two.


Laser copiers are the most popular choice for many businesses due to their faster speeds and lesser toner requirement per page than ink. Besides, they also produce high-quality documents, which can be beneficial for businesses that often use presentations or colorful contracts.


There is an overlap between laser and digital copiers. Most copier companies Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, Konica, and Minolta make laser machines with an internal scanner to scan and store files and documents. These copier machines can also remember the scanned files and make dozens of copies.

5. How Can I End My Copier Lease?

Copier leasing companies typically have a 24 and 36-month contract lease. But some businesses may opt for a longer contract period to account for lower monthly rates. Either way, if you wish to get out of the lease, go over your contract thoroughly before you sign.

First, check if the contract is an auto-renewal type. If so, understand when you can cancel this automatic renewal. There will be a window of opportunity for you to exit the lease. Use this before the period expires, or the contract gets renewed.

Make sure that you want to exit, but you also should not get stuck with an obsolete copier machine. Then try to get your maintenance contract billed separately from the copier.


Similar to small business phone systems, every department of a business, whether big or small, has unique printer/copier needs. For streamlined management and lower expenses, go for an all-in-one package on your color copier lease. Get the most of the copier by taking a holistic view of your business needs.

Core Business Solutions provides copier and printer alternatives for small and medium businesses in the Rio Grande Valley area, including McAllen, Pharr, Edinburg and more. Contact us today and discover the alternatives we have to offer.

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