How to Choose the Right Copier Dealer for Your Office

July 12, 2019

How to Choose the Right Copier Dealer for Your Office

Office equipment is very important for running your business perfectly. The most successful companies maintain high-quality and regularly serviced equipment on-site. For corporate offices, this ranges from workstations to coffee machines and everything in between.

Copiers fall somewhere in the middle but they are very important. Imagine having a malfunctioning copier and frustrating a client because of that. Not the best way to work right? That is why choosing the right copier dealer near you is important.

Now, you might be thinking why to go for a copier dealer instead of a manufacturer. After all, the brand is what we bank on to buy quality equipment right? Wrong! There are many reasons dealers matter more than companies much like car deals matter more than car brands. So, let’s look at why copier dealers should be your first choice.

Are All Copiers the Same? Not Quite!

Copiers come in several varieties. Just like cars, they have different degrees of technological value and features. Not all copiers offer the same assets. Also,  all copier dealers will not offer the same models. The trick lies in choosing a copier dealer near you who stocks the brands and models you want.

Further, all copiers require servicing after a fair interval. The more complex and technically advanced your copier, the more qualified a technician it will need. This service will not be provided by the manufacturer. They will say it is. But really, the copier dealer’s technicians will be doing the actual maintenance work

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a copier dealer can tell you which brand is the perfect fit. They know the inside story for each brand and each model. Some may have hard to acquire parts. Others might have malfunctioning proneness. Your copier dealer can tell you which one fits your requirements best easily.

Copier Dealer Service Matters Most

Dealer service is probably the most underrated item when looking for a home office or small business copier. While buyers usually look for lower prices, dealer service is as, if not more, important than the cost of the copier by itself. To get you started, we have prepared a set of questions that you should always ask from your local copy dealer.

1. What is your average resolution time on a network issue?

For internet connected copiers, nothing is worse than network errors. These problems must be fixed quickly. For this, you need assurances on the average turnaround time. Ask your potential copier dealers about this first.

2. What is your average resolution time on a hardware issue?

Hardware issues are just as damaging to office efficiency as copier networking issues. Your copier dealer must provide a reasonable time for fixing the hardware issues. Only then is buying the copier worth the investment.

3. Can you show me the metrics from your service calls over the last 30 days?

Actions speak louder than words and any copier dealer that can give you recent service logs is probably reliable. Take a look at their records and see if they can be trusted on meeting the service standards they promise.

Aside from these questions, there are several others you can ask. Obviously, things like service record tracking, tech support, remote complaint registry, etc. are important. Make sure you get the copier and service that you pay for by doing a little online search. After that, speak to the top-rated dealers in your part of South Texas. Get the ideal copier equipment for your business!

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