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CORE has more than 10 years of experience in the printing industry. While we have evolved into so much more as a company, printing is our background and at the root of what we do. CORE has multiple presses that can print on any surface to create eye-catching, full-color postcards, posters, magazines and in-store displays whose quality is second to none.

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Should your company need a high volume machine capable of generating thousands of high quality prints for marketing materials, variable data printing, or booklets. It’s more affordable than you think.

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Variable data printing

Variable Data Print (VDP) Helps You Achieve True 1:1 Direct Mail – PrintComm Helps You Do VDP That Works! Relevant direct mail has been proven to create lift for all direct marketing campaign objectives: lead generation, lead nurturing, loyalty/retention and direct sales. * Relevance in direct mail can be accomplished by using a technology called Variable Data Print or VDP.

Variable Data Print is made practical with the existence of digital printing technology and the software tools that accompany the digital print technology. In the past, high quality pieces needed to be produced on traditional offset presses in large quantities in order to make them both economically viable and of a high enough quality and appeal to grab the recipient’s attention. In the old world, thousands or millions of the same piece were printed and mailed to all customers and prospects with the same broad, branded message.

Digital print and accompanying software technology changed that reality. Now, one-off pieces can be produced that add the ability to target the message to the individual without sacrificing the quality of traditional offset printing. Savvy marketers realize that making messages, offers, images and timing relevant to the individual based on demographic or physiographic characteristics will create higher response and ROI.

VDP Documents are engineered to include logic. When a database is attached to the document and coupled with the logic, images, offers, messages and more can be swapped out on the fly at the digital press. The end result is a piece that has the same visual appeal of traditional offset printing while taking advantage of digital’s ability to speak to your customers in an individual, targeted conversation.

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