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The Average Worker:
•  Spends 40% of their time looking for information
•  Spends 150 hours per year seeking incorrectly filed documents.
•  Loses 1 out of 20 documents
•  Spends 25 hours recreating lost documents

Source: Fujitsu and PriceWaterhouseCoopers

“For every $1 spent on printing it takes another $9 to manage the printed materials” – Source IDC

Our specialists can identify the right document solution for your needs and Core Business Solutions will install the software, provide training and support, and guide you through the implementation.

Core Business Solutions also offers high speed scanning equipment for purchase or rental, and provides outsourced scanning options should this better meet your needs.


“Print costs as a percentage of revenue average 6.1% for the average company, with some industries exceeding 13%.”

Source: All Associates Group

These costs are rarely recognized or tracked as they fall into different expense categories.

In a typical office environment each individual or department purchases their own printers, often based on perceived price, leading to equipment purchased without thought of the total cost of ownership.  Soon the organization has many different brands and models of printers sitting on every desk.


The Total Cost of Ownership:

– The cost of the equipment
– The cost of the cartridge (including identifying the part number, ordering, (picking up or receiving), storing, processing the invoice, and recycling. Multiple printer models mean this process is repeated for each model.
– The cost of IT Support – loading and updating multiple drivers, fixing print issues (15% of an IT technician’s time).
– Locating a repair facility for broken or malfunctioning equipment, or purchasing a new printer unnecessarily.
– The productivity impact of not having toner available or not being able to print.
– Asset tracking – do you even know what printers your company owns?

An MPS implementation provides an average savings of 23% through centralized management outsourced to Core Business Solutions.

In addition, we provide customized management reports tracking the location of the printer, the total and monthly volume on each machine, which employees/departments produce the most prints, and the monthly cost of those prints.  Our print fleet management software provides regular equipment status updates so often we proactively address an equipment problem before it results in downtime.

Finally, there is one vendor to call for toner, cartridges, and repair, and only one invoice per month to process and pay. When combined with a Document Workflow / Storage solution, the savings can be well beyond your expectations.



An extension of Managed Print Services, Equipment Facilities Management includes not only the management of the print equipment but also staffing for 24 hour operations such as hospitals and in-house print plants, ongoing in-depth analysis of needs for reallocation of existing resources, identification of inefficiencies and equipment misuse, planned replacement cycles, and more, freeing you from the entire vital but tedious process of print materials generation and guaranteeing you savings.


Beautiful, compelling, intuitive, responsive design doesn’t just magically happen. An effective website requires more than stunning graphics. That’s why we work hard to design conversion-focused, highly engaging web experiences that can create lasting impressions and set your brand apart from the crowd.

Our world-class, experienced team of programmers and designers works directly with marketing strategists to ensure that your website is being designed and mapped out towards your business goals and target audiences. Our team is also able to handle every aspect of web development including planning, design, content, and search engine optimization. Our clients take comfort in knowing that their website builds a strong, recognizable brand that reflects their company’s beliefs and effectively communicate their core messaging.


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